"A Business Without a Sign

is a Sign of No Business"

logo for sign company which manufactures magnectic signs, truck lettering, banners, computer generated graphics and vinyl letters, four color prints, laminatied graphics, wood signs, MDO signs, art design, logo design and production.Colorado Canyon Signs has been helping clients in El Paso and Teller Counties by producing quality attractive signs since 1987.  We assist the customer including concept, design, materials, colors, typefaces (fonts),  metal, plexiglas, wood, MDO, magnetic and vinyl signs of all sizes, colors and varieties. Colorado Canyon Signs uses only premium long lasting materials.  We also do sign systems, vehicles (fleets included) and window lettering for your business. View the slideshow to see samples of our work.  Please email or call us for an estimate.  Helping you achieve your signage needs is our business and our pleasure.